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A few things people have said...

She has been truly great in every aspect of the word. Consistently great at her job, whether it be publicity, promotion or simply being a mediator for myself or my band. Great as a professional, on top of every detail, no matter how small. And over the years she has become a great friend of mine. Contrary to appearances, our work environment can be very high stress and physically demanding and it is always a good experience working with someone like Melanie, who is friendly, positive and calming. Melanie is full of enthusiasm for her work and has been inspirational in even the most monotonous circumstances. All of these traits are infectious and a pleasure to be near. I hope to work with Melanie again.

Joey Cape : Lagwagon 

I've enjoyed working with Melanie a great deal, and was very pleased with her efforts. It's always been very important to me that I work with people who love what they do, as those people always seem to get the best results. Melanie Kaye is a shining example of someone who was born to spread the word!

Andrew W.K. Andrew W.K. 

I believe there's 4 types of people in the music business. Type one is great at their job but a total drag to be around, we'll call this one " the Alligator", cause you respect it's power and ability to survive but you wouldn't want to get in bed with it. Type two is complete shit at their job but a total blast to be around, we'll call this one "the Chimpanzee", cause it'd be fun to hang out with one but it's never gonna accomplish anything for you. Type three is complete shit at their job and about as fun to talk to as a rock, we'll call this one "the city rat" cause they're everywhere in the music biz. Type four is both great at their job and a complete pleasure to be around, we'll call this one "the polar bear", cause unfortunately they are almost extinct in the music biz. Melanie Kaye is a Polar Bear.

Laura Jane Grace: Against Me! 

Melanie Kaye worked with us at  Festival d’été de Québec for the last four years as our Press Officer for the English part of Canada.  Her role was to help us with getting the attention of the media so they would talk and write about the Festival.


Melanie was mainly in charge of convincing and assisting the media to promote our festival. Over the years, she organized and coordinated trips for reporters from all over Canada to come to Quebec City and cover the event. She also managed their interview requests prior to the event. She was always very dedicated to her work and accomplished her mandate with real success. 


Everyone from the reporters to her coworkers appreciated working alongside Melanie. She was committed to the Festival and always available to discuss and develop new ideas. Being so motivated and driven by the event, she really captured our philosophy and therefore achieved our goals.


I strongly recommend Melanie Kaye because in addition to having such a great personality, she was an enthusiastic collaborator.

Luci Tremblay

Communications Director

She has run the Fat Wreck Chords office in Canada for over ten years, and she would be running it for the next ten if the CD business was better. She has been a huge asset to this company in many ways and she will be greatly missed. I don't think that it is a coincidence that Fat Wreck Chords bands all do very well in Canada and that Melanie did promotion for them. All of our bands love working with her and many of them will continue to independently as will my band NOFX. Canada was the only country outside of the US to air the NOFX television program Backstage Passport and I believe the only reason this happened was because Melanie made it happen. She makes things happen. I have always trusted her to do a great job and she has never let me down. She can hold her alcohol pretty well to. That's all I got, sincerely

Fat Mike : Singer and Brains of NOFX/ President of Fat Wreck Chords 

From her days playing in bands to current gig work working for them, Melanie always comes through.

-Ian Danzig : Publisher of Exclaim Magazine 

I have known and worked with Melanie for quite a while. She is a grade A publicist. The difference between her and other publicists is that she obviously really cares about the music that she chooses to work with. She invests her passion for music into each project. She covers so many parts of the publicity machine that she actually does way more then most publicists. No need to hold her hand or give her direction, she knows what she is doing. Oh, and she is a great person who everybody loves!


Melanie is very good at what she does, without being Hollywood/obnoxious about it. The only bummer is that she isn't based down here, where she could have the whole States wired the way she has Canada. 

Jello Biafra 

Working with Melanie Kaye has been one of the highlights of our 8 year career! Her enthusiasm and great vibe are contagious. She knows EVERYONE and has the best contacts..and everyone who knows her loves her as much as we do. She is full of creative ideas and makes doing great PR look effortless and fun, even though we know it's not!! WE LUV MELANIE!!!!”

-Spero : Northern State 

Melanie is fucking awesome and I trust her like my own mother.

-Hugo Mudie :The Sainte Catherines 

Melanie is someone that we wish we had doing publicity for our band all over the world because she does such an excellent job for us each and every time we come to Canada. She's always been really excited and motivated about our band and it always shows. Always open to and looking for creative ways to help push our band forward. What more could we ask for. Melanie kicks ass !!!

-Jordan Burns : Strung Out 

Me the struggling musician, Melanie the Promoter/Manager/Publicist. I have never had a better professional and personal experience.

-Dave Gregg : D.O.A./Groovaholics/Real Mckenzies

She is a someone who knows the business and the personal side of the art better than anyone that I have ever dealt with. She will take you to the top and at the same time take the music to heart and feel it! The hands on approach that Melanie provides is like no other that I have experienced. She is someone who truly understands the way to promote good music through her peers in the media outlets in a positive and interactive way.

-Chuck Robertson : Mad Caddies 

Melanie Kaye is one of few people in the industry that is bullshit free, those folks are hard to find these days.


I hired Melanie Kaye a few years ago, to do publicity for Nuttsactor 5 and Fishbone, at the suggestion of NOFX front man and Fat Wreck Chords owner, Fat Mike. He had nothing but great things to say about her and my personal experience was a pleasure for sure. She was effective in every way, helpful beyond the call of duty and in general, Melanie is a wonderful person to get to know. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

-Norwood Fisher/Fishbone: Founding Member/Bassist /Head Nutt In Charge: Nuttsactor 5 Multimedia/Inna Nuttshell Reekordingz 

I've been working with Melanie Kaye on amazing projects since the beginning of 123PUNK, so for almost 10 years now! Without a doubt, some of the best ideas, interviews and adventures we have had on the show have come from her. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is able to combine so naturally an easy going personality and a great sense of professionalism! ”

-Rej Laplanche : VJ MusiquePlus 

Melanie is a very devoted publicist. She’s really generous and she always takes good care of the journalists on site. She has a great contacts list and she is really appreciated in the music industry.

 -Jenny Thibault / Vice President, Communications and Marketing Director for FME en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

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