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These are some of the services I provide, for more information please get in contact. If you are looking for publicity in Canada feel free to drop me a line.


Melanie Kaye PR's services include:
  • Write and send out press releases.

  • National/regional/international publicity campaigns.

  • Develop online media campaigns and digital servicing across all platforms.

  • Artist/project development consulting.

  • Band management.

  • Brand building and strategic partnerships.

  • On site event management.

  • Cross-Canada launch parties and record release events.

  • Project management and consulting.

  • Coordinate /accompany artists/journalists on press junkets .

  • Festival consulting.

  • Marketing and promotions, endorsements for tour support.


I offer the flexibility to customize an exclusive publicity plan that works best for each band/project I am working with .I am dedicated to working with conviction, honesty, integrity and passion ,while bringing my years of experience and genuine love for what I do to every project I work on.

She is a someone who knows the business and the personal side of the art better than anyone that I have ever dealt with. She will take you to the top and at the same time take the music to heart and feel it! The hands on approach that Melanie provides is like no other that I have experienced. She is someone who truly understands the way to promote good music through her peers in the media outlets in a positive and interactive way.”

-Chuck Robertson : Mad Caddies


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