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GINA VOLPE (from the legendary NYC band Lunachicks)TO RELEASE ‘DRINK ME’ SINGLE!

Gina Volpe (Lunachicks/Bantam) latest single & video offers a trip down the rabbit hole with themes of obsession, escapism, and addiction, and it’s a wild ride!

Prolific NYC-based guitarist/songwriter/visual artist Gina Volpe, is back with ‘Delete the World’ her first full-length album as a solo artist scheduled to release 02/23/24.

‘Delete the World’ is a brooding, textured, experimental web of songs with echoes of indie rock, synth-pop and alt-rock. ‘Drink Me’ is the first track and the first single off the new LP.

It's an explosive tune that drives heavy bass riffs alongside retro synth sounds. The song is paired with a visually stunning music video created by the award-winning, Pop Surrealist and Multi-media artist, Stänzii, aka ‘The Punk Of Pixar.’

Stänzii’s mesmerizing 3D animated realms provide the perfect backdrop for ‘Drink Me.’ “I started noticing an ongoing theme of escapism while writing the album’s lyrics,” Volpe says.“Drink Me was inspired by not only my own occasional tendencies to lean precariously too heavily on

a vice – wine in this case, but also the collective experience of friends I had been in recent conversation with about obsession and addiction. The line in the song, “one foot in the grave, the other in my mouth” is a cheeky

observation of just how messy (and dangerous) our habits of running to the nearest exit can be.”

While Volpe is known for inciting headbanging with her frenetic solos, ‘Delete the World’ proves that she’s a true musical nomad at heart. Volpe is a one-woman band with the exception of drummers Jeremy Kinney, and Sam Warfield, along with a guest appearance by former BANTAM bassist Doug Oosterhouse. Producer Barb Morrison deftly captures Volpe’s soaring crunching riffs delivering flashes of Brian Eno while layering Volpe’s sultry magnetic voice over of the tracks.

The album is a disintegration of not just traditional stylistic borders, but also mental ones.

Songs like the title track, ’Currents,’ ‘The Plan,’ and ‘Escaped From the Lab’ reflect on coping mechanisms gone awry and the unintended consequences, how perception can either cut you loose or

keep you confined, and the dubious assumption that humans are in control of anything.

‘Delete The World’ will be released on Volpe’s label, Heavy Nose Records, and will be available on all streaming platforms. Tour dates to be announced soon!

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