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She has run the Fat Wreck Chords office in Canada for over ten years, and she would be running it for the next ten if the CD business was better. She has been a huge asset to this company in many ways and she will be greatly missed. I don't think that it is a coincidence that Fat Wreck Chords bands all do very well in Canada and that Melanie did promotion for them. All of our bands love working with her and many of them will continue to independently as will my band NOFX. Canada was the only country outside of the US to air the NOFX television program Backstage Passport and I believe the only reason this happened was because Melanie made it happen. She makes things happen. I have always trusted her to do a great job and she has never let me down. She can hold her alcohol pretty well to. That's all I got, sincerely

Fat Mike : Singer and Brains of NOFX

President of Fat Wreck Chords 

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