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Watch Out For Spiders - The Late Great Charlie Borski comes out July 2nd on Mannequin Vanity Records

The Late Great Charlie Borski, releasing their debut full-length album Watch Out For Spiders on July 2nd – just before kicking off their first Southern US Tour. Self-described as “Theatrical Folk Pop” The Late Great Charlie Borski combines the drama and intensity of musical theatre with the down-to-earth goodness of folk music. This band delivers a powerful musical punch with two lead vocals, coupled with harmonies and a slew of talented musicians. Their new singles “Let’s Hit The Road” & “Champagne” have already been released on Mannequin Vanity Records this year -- and now the much anticipated full-length album is dropping July 2nd – just in time for the band’s first southern US Tour. So far confirmed dates in San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and many more to come. Preview the album and art here: The Late Great Charlie Borski was formed when frontman Will Huse met his fellow Borskians whilst astral projecting during a silent retreat in New Rhodenshire, Montana. Based on the teachings of Charles Borski, The Late Great Charlie Borski soon began serving some of the finest Theatrical Folk Pop the world had ever heard. Now based in Los Angeles, they feature a rotating ensemble but are anchored by a core group: Chloe Jane Busick on banjo, Ally Mulholland on washboard and vocals, Alan Bailey on drums, Lucas Coleman on acoustic/electric guitar, Nick Stanioski all the way from Boston on the bass, Blaire Lynn Strong on vocals and nunchucks, and finally, Will Huse who hollers and plays ukulele. They just released their new single "Let's Hit Road" on MVR last month, check it out on SPOTIFY or APPLE MUSIC Press:

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