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"Mercy Brown" new single from Fire Sale!

Fire Sale was formed during the pandemic and their first songs were made entirely from their home studios. The band includes Matt Riddle, who played bass in Face To Face and No Use For A Name.

"I like to take inspiration from stories from a historical point of view and use them as a theme," says guitarist and founder of Fire Sale, Christopher Swinney, who previously played guitar with The Ataris. "Then our singer Pedro takes it all and formulates a great lyric!"

With its spooky theme, Mercy Brown is the perfect soundtrack for Friday (August ) the13th. This also marks the simultaneous start of pre-sales for the first 7-inch including the debut track "Dark Hearts" via SBÄM Records.

"We are very happy to be working with SBÄM Records and excited for what the future holds," says Swinney, who got to know label founder Stefan Beham through his podcast "That One Time On Tour".

The video is for "Dark Hearts" Fire Sale's first single that was received with a lot of excitement to hear what is next from the band.

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