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The Lucky Ones announce tour date with The Forgotten Rebels

The Lucky Ones are very happy to announce they have tour dates coming up with The Forgotten Rebels!

Tour Dates:

OCT 13 - KITCHENER @ Starlight Social Club OCT 27 - LONDON @ Call The Office NOV 10 - HAMILTON @ This Ain't Hollywood NOV 24 - ST. CATHARINES @ Warehouse Concert Hall DEC 7 - TORONTO @ Lee's Palace

Life happens. A marriage happens. Sometimes children and a divorce will follow and life gets in the way of expediency, even for a band.

The Lucky Ones always adhere to the precepts of their brand of punk rock. They don't really change much and that's the refreshing part about them. Steve Rizun returned to produce their third album of 14 tracks and I didn't realize how much I missed them.

Some people might call it a bit juvenile, (Ricki-Jo's Parking Lot.) or prosaic, (Don't Bore Us Get To The Chorus ) or say that they just take the piss out of their home town, (Monday Night At Carlton Heights) but I won't.- Can't.

We lived this. I don't just listen to The Lucky Ones, I've grown up with them. They're my friends. And every song is a snapshot of our lives. Not just who we all were but who we are and what we've become.

From guest appearances of Shohei of Samurai Attack on drums. (He was kind enough to visit from Japan.) to the departure of Matt Murphy to USS. (Matty's Gonna Play Pop Songs) This album reflects everything that The Lucky Ones have been through.

Fittingly, it ends with (Old School Punk Rockers). It's a tribute song to the way we all live and interact that will be featured later this year on season five of the award winning television series Orphan Black.

It took them five long years to make this, but as I said before: life happens. It needed to be lived. It was worth every step and every second. "Better Late Than Never," is here. This is their finest album.







Old School Punk Rockers – Music Video (Cc Entertainment/Stumble Records 2017)

Better Days – Music Video (Niagara College Student Produced/Stumble Records 2017)

We’re The Lucky Ones – Music Video (Cc Entertainment/Stumble Records 2017)

Better Late Than Never – 14 Song Vinyl LP & CD (Stumble Records 2017)

Famous For Nothing: A Tribute To The Dropkick Murphys (Take A Shot Records 2015)

Across The Wasteland Vol. 2 – Various Artists Compilation (Sexy Baby Records 2014)

United! Undivided! - 4 Band Split CD (Stumble Records/MGM/Pine Apple Records 2013)

St. Paul & Queen – Music Video (Garden City Media/Stumble Records 2012)

Heartbreak, Hangover & Punk Rock – 14 Song Vinyl LP & CD (Stumble Records 2012)

The Booze Sessions – 10 Song CD (Stumble Records 2010)


“Old School Punk Rockers” Feature in Season 5, Episode 3 – Orphan Black

TV Show Space/BBC America (2017)

“St. Paul & Queen” Feature in Season 2, Episode 21 “Into the Dark” – Lost Girl TV Show Showcase/SYFY (2012)

“I Got Booze” Feature in Season 2, Episode 21 “Into the Dark” – Lost Girl TV Show – Showcase/SYFY (2012)

2011-2012 TIMA Punk Rock Group of the Year

2011 NMA Punk Rock Group of the Year

“Standing Tall” Feature in movie – Séance (2011) Movie/Video from Berkshire Axis Media

2010 NMA Punk Rock Group of the Year


The sound is immediately classic pop-and-gutter punk as only Niagarians can produce it (flecks of The Dropkick Murphy’s, Rancid and Forgotten Rebels are the order of the day) and, while locals will be thrilled that the band is able to do this, everyone else will marvel at how vibrant and flat-out mean the sound is; while other newer and younger punk bands have hinted that they might not be the guys to mess with these days, The Lucky Ones flat-out command attention.

- Bill Adams – Ground Control Magazine

St. Catharine’s Ontario Punk Rockers, The Lucky Ones, lay down the essentials the way it should be done on their second album, Heartbreak, Hangovers and Punk Rock. The band has a perfect mix of old and new school Punk and they play their tunes with absolute conviction. The songs are short, sweet, well written and all come together perfectly with a crisp and clean production thanks to Steve Rizun who helmed the producing duties.

- Andre Skinner – The Spill

The Lucky Ones are proving once again that Canada knows punk rock. This record reeks of good times and hard alcohol, in the best of ways. It’s a high-energy, high-passion album, and it merits many listens. If you’re in need of a new punk album and you’re not sure where to look, this is where you should go!

- Al – Stolen From The Radio

These guys are playing for the love of rock and roll and nothing else. Straight ahead, kick your ass in, punk rock with a capital P!

- Raised On Canadian Radio

The Lucky Ones fit perfectly with Stumble’s roster, offering the kind of honest, simple, beer-drenched songs that make a room full of drunken assholes at the Bovine want to drink copious amounts of Jagerbombs and heckle. But, like, in a good way.

- Sam Sutherland - Aux TV

The Lucky Ones, The Booze Sessions is nothing but raucous fun and a hard kick in the pants we overly serious rockers have needed for a long, long time.

- Keith Carmen – Exclaim

With The Lucky Ones, I swear there’s no comparison when it comes to a good punk show in terms of bringing out the best (and well, the teenage animosity) in anyone.

- Rose Cora Perry – Interrobang

The Lucky Ones are known almost as much for their partying ways as they are for their music!...

- Lori Littleton - St. Catharines Standard


- TWITTER: @thelucky1s

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