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Laura Sauvage reveals the mystical video for Alien (Anything Like It, Have You?).

Laura Sauvage reveals the mystical video for Alien (Anything Like It, Have You?).

Directed by Ariel Poupart, Laura Sauvage sings strange alien encounters from dusk ‘til dawn.

Mixing theatrics and kitsch, the video follows our heroine in a foggy desert, accompanied by her trusty musicians Dany Placard (bass), Jonathan Bigras (drums) and Nicolas Beaudoin (guitar). Bright lights and psychedelic dress follow in the chorus, as if the band were illuminated by a flying saucer. A little surrealism and campy 80s B-movie ambience complete this tale of bewilderment and daze.

To create this nostalgic aesthetic, look no further than the neons of One From the Heart (Francis Ford Coppola, 1982) and the glaring lights found in David Bowie’s iconic music video for Heroes. Nonetheless, Ariel Poupart’s eye and direction ancres this spectacle in modern time.

“With Alien, I wanted to show the bedazzlement and the marvel I felt while listening to the song” he says. “Creating a strange, new and mysterious set seemed to be the right approach to depict Laura Sauvage’s universe”

Straight out of “The Beautiful”, Laura’s latest record, Alien is at the center of the gaudy vibe depicted in the album. Wrapped in synths and heavy guitar riffs, it lies somewhere between a stoner and a political record. With its nostalgic and D.I.Y. flair, “The Beautiful” is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s the link for Laura Sauvage’s music video Alien (Anything Like It, Have You?)

Laura Sauvage is performing in Toronto on November 2nd at The Burdock in celebration of her new album ‘ The Beautiful’ out now on Simone Records.

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