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Bird Attack Records Eastern Canadian Mini-Tour!

Bird Attack Records is proud to announce their first ever Eastern Canadian Mini-Tour with 88 Fingers Louie, Belvedere, SUCH GOLD & SLED. Only 3 stops, so don't miss the party!

Bird Attack Records was founded in 2012 out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida by Garrett Wadford based on his absolute unwavering love for punk rock - fast, loud, shredding, melodic, skate punk to be exact.

88 Fingers Louie (named after a shady piano salesman from the Flintstones cartoon) has played a very important part in Chicago’s rich punk rock heritage. The seminal Chicago melodic punk/hardcore band got their official start in 1993 they quickly started writing, playing shows and released three 7” records during their first year as a band. The band’s sound was unique and a combination of all the things they loved about punk-rock— drawing influences from 80’s California punk, east coast hardcore as well as midwestern hometown heroes the Bollweevils, Naked Raygun and Pegboy.

A lot has changed in the 18 years since Chicago’s 88 Fingers Louie last released an album. Shortly after the release of a split EP in 1999 with Philadelphia’s Kid Dynamite, the band decided to call it quits due to differences in vision for the band’s future. Its previous members went on to form and join almost a dozen new bands in the wake of 88FL’s demise (Rise Against, Explode and Make Up, The Story So Far, Paper Mice, Alkaline Trio and many more). This is a story with many stops and starts, ups and downs and many of the players have come and gone throughout the band’s career. What’s most important is that they are back with a new album entitled Thank You For Being a Friend, and they can’t wait for you to hear it.

88 Fingers Louie has teamed up with Florida’s Bird Attack Records to release the new album on June 30th, 2017.

Not a day goes by since we got the band back together that I don’t scratch my head once a day and say ‘We’re actually doing this now—this is crazy,’...but I couldn’t be more excited.”

There were two rules when Belvedere decided to write and record their first album in over 12 years. Have a good time, and don’t sound like a bunch of old men..…mission accomplished. “The Revenge Of The Fifth” picks up where their last release “Fast Forward Eats The Tape” left off. Twelve tracks of melodic punk - fast and furious. Though fans of the band will feel a sense of nostalgia for the speed and riffage, they’ll also notice a progression in the song writing. Perhaps even a “juxtaposition” of maturity from 4 immature punkers. The balancing act between raising families and holding steady jobs, and touring the world for 20 years can be heard in many of the lyrics. “Generation Debt” is an apology letter to our children for the world we’ve left to them, while “Carpe per diem” is a summary of basement show tours that spanned the band’s first six years. An expression of hope is found in “Revenge Of The Fifth” which hinges on the idea that we’re all ultimately responsible for taking care of the human race and the planet; and to stop looking to a higher power for forgiveness or answers.

The addition of Casey Lewis on drums has given the band a new excitement and passion. Fans will be happy to hear the band hasn’t slowed down or toned down the shredding. 2016 May 5th, 2016 was when Belvedere’s fifth album, “The Revenge Of The Fifth” hit the real and digital world. A new album is in the works for the new year.

Such Gold formed in 2009 in Rochester, NY - a region steeped in tradition for quality punk and melodic hardcore bands, and DIY ethic. The band quickly released a demo, followed by a series of EPs and split 7”s on labels like No Sleep and 6131 Records.

In 2012 the band released their full-length debut "Misadventures" via Razor and Tie, produced and engineered by the renowned Steve Evetts (Kid Dynamite, Saves the Day, Snapcase). The LP reached #6 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and brought the band instant acclaim with both the hardcore and pop-punk scenes.

As with any budding group there were a few bumps in the road during the band’s formative years, including the departure of a series of founding members. Vocalist Ben Kotin seized the opportunity to fill the void on guitar which sparked a new creative element in the band, and a musical push into new territory. Kotin, guitarist Nate Derby and bassist Jon Markson recruited drummer Matt Covey (formerly of Shai Hulud) to re-develop Such Gold as we know them today.

2014’s "The New Sidewalk", produced and engineered by the infamous duo of Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore (Descendents, Rise Against, Propagandhi), was the first release to feature the modern lineup and a more complex and intense Such Gold. Their new incarnation saw a further exodus from the band’s earlier pop-punk tendencies and found them identifying more with the music they grew up with—fast, riffy, technical and forward-thinking punk and angular, dissonant math rock.

In 2016 the band re-released 2010’s "Pedestals" EP as a re-mixed, re-mastered collection featuring the original release, plus b-sides from the era, on Bird Attack Records - a label founded by the band’s long-time friend Garrett Wadford.

“We met Garrett several years ago while playing a festival in Costa Rica and have stayed good friends ever since,” guitarist Nate Derby says. “It’s been great to watch him grow Bird Attack Records into a record label synonymous with quality punk music and I think he’s long since proven to us that Bird Attack is a worthy home for our band."

The resilient group has spent equal amounts of time touring both domestically and

abroad with the likes of Strung Out, PUP, The Story So Far, PEARS, Anti-Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, the Flatliners, Millencolin and more.

Not to be slowed down, Such Gold prepares to release their jarring new EP "Deep In A Hole" on Sept 8th, 2017 . This 5-song musical exploration shows off their superior ability to combine catchy melodies and arrangements with a mastery of harmonic color and wild textures. The result spans the bands' sonic past, present and future via their new home at Bird Attack Records. Produced and engineered by the band's own Jon Markson, and mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room, "Deep in a Hole" is Such Gold at their best, doing things their own way.

After years of small tours and festivals around the world, without an actual album being released, the band has finally finished their first official full-length. Formerly known as Pinhole Down, now known as SLED and formed by Garrett Wadford of Bird Attack Records and Merchant Vinyl.

SLED has assembled a collective of international members ready to play tours and fests around the world depending on the availability of the main lineup of Garrett Wadford (guitar), Micheal Fitzgerald (Fitzy) on Vocals, Matt Phillips (guitar), Lane Pittman (bass) and Kyle Helm (drums). Other members are Justin VanWestbroek of Guttermouth, Will Frazier of Whole Wheat Bread, Luis Martinez of La Armada and Simo Perini of Guttermouth/This Is A Standoff.

In the punk realm there are many different genres out there, but the band says they like to think they are "Skate Punk meets Stoner Rock." You be the judge of that. The record was tracked by Daryl Phenneger (notable projects include Evergreen Terrace, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and the latest Guttermouth) along with Dustin Brack tracking vocals. Mixed and Mastered by Andy Carpenter (notable projects include Direct Hit, Supersuckers and The Dwarves).Release date for SLED’s “A Better You” is on September 15th (digitally) September 29th (physical - distribution).

Tour dates:

Oct 6th - Brass Monkey – Ottawa.


Oct 7th - L'invasion Bird Attack Records - St. Hyacinthe.

(tix -

Oct 8th - Velvet Underground – Toronto.

(tix -

For more information or to book an interview please contact: Melanie at

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