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FIVE GROWN-UP GAYS FROM TORONTO COVERING SONGS ORIGINATED BY GIRL GROUPS MANIFESTO want to help spread the word of inclusiveness and awareness of the amazing organization RAINBOW RAIlROAD A decade in the imagining and two years in the making, MANifesto, a ManBand, present a collection of 12 pop gems, spanning 70 years. The 5some utilize their queer feverish energy and stacked harmonies to tie the lot together. Available on all platforms and in limited edition neon pink vinyl: 9/10/21 The brainchild of Toronto Renaissance Man, R Kelly Clipperton (Kelly and the Kellygirls, Merkury Burn), MANifesto emerged out of a need for visibility and inclusion. “I’ve adored Girl Groups forever and desperately wanted to be part of their tribe. I’ve also loved singing with other voices: harmonizing and supporting, and realized I’d never attempted that with other Out Gay Men. The project developed out of these impulses.” Clipperton scoured the city of Toronto to find the right voices and energies to complete the lineup, citing diversity as a paramount element. “Having a full spectrum of voices and experience was key” MANifesto launched in February ’19 with Automatic (Pointer Sisters), followed by the mid-Pan Dam scorcher The Promise (Girls Aloud), and this Pride’s anthem Say You’ll Be There (Spice Girls). The three is singles have all had accompanying videos that showcase the group's newfound friendship in humor, dance, joy, and theatrics. A 4th single: Lady Marmalade (Labelle) is in development and with the launch in tandem with the album. The album completes with songs by Bananarama, The Chordettes, Fifth Harmony, The Supremes, All Saints, Jade, Expose and En Vogue. The group worked with award-winning Producers: Brad ‘Merlin’ Nelson (Cylinder Sound), Spencer Sunshine, and Daryn Barry (Orange Lounge) to hone the early 90s dance feel that fused the record together. Anthony Bastianon, Stewart Borden, and Alan Moon all worked as Musical Directors to create the arrangements and build the stacked five-part harmony that is sprinkled throughout the songs. “The song selection was pretty organic. When we started in the summer of ’19, we amassed many different songs and sang them to see if our voices fit well. We also began paying particular attention to lyrics that we could interpret in different ways. Singing songs written (in most cases) by men, for women to sing, and now being presented by us…there was a lot to dig into.” MANifesto has joined forces with Rainbow Railroad, an organization very dear to them, with a wish to bring visibility and fundraising to the most disenfranchised of the global Queer Population. A big part of the journey is brotherly support. Gay men are rarely presented as unified in the public eye and are certainly one of the last great taboos when it comes to acceptance and understanding. “This record is part Tribute, part Testimony, and part Triumph. There are so many communities and elements at play that have given us the lives we lead… we feel all of those are wrapped up and presented in this work”. “We, foremost, want to elevate ourselves as openly gay men within this concept; a unifying adventure, and secondly want to bring as many glorious souls along with us on the ride. Though this has been a challenge to keep afloat throughout this difficult year and a half, we honestly feel the timing couldn’t be better for a record like this.” Celebration. Dedication. Gaynation. DIONISIO, TWAINE, ICARUS, KELLY, BRAYO MANifesto PRESS INQUIRIES; INFO@MELANIEKAYEPR.COM www,melaiekayepr,com Information about Rainbow Railroad - MANIFESTO: PINKY SWEAR September 10, 2021

  1. The Promise (Girls Aloud)

  2. Come See About Me (The Supremes)

  3. Say You’ll Be There (Spice Girls)

  4. Mr. Sandman (The Chordettes)

  5. Automatic (Pointer Sisters)

  6. One Strike (All Saints)

  7. Not That Kinda Girl (Fifth Harmony)

  8. Don’t Walk Away (Jade)

  9. Cruel Summer (Bananarama)

  10. Point Of No Return (Expose)

  11. Lady Marmalade (LaBelle)

  12. My Lovin (En Vogue)

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