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Circus Rhapsody releasing their second full-length album 'Just Kidding' on Mannequin Vanity Records

Circus Rhapsody is releasing their second full-length album-'Just Kidding' on Mannequin Vanity Records on 6/4/21!

Berlin-based German punk band Circus Rhapsody has an exciting summer planned with a full album release, several music videos, and singles.

Circus Rhapsody is a band that is hard to stick in just one genre -- they combine punk/world/folk/rockabilly/ska and many other genres. One theme is overarching: the band is a LOT of fun. In May the band will be releasing two singles and a video off their upcoming full-length album Just Kidding.

The next music video drops in early June and the full album is available everywhere on June 4th.

The band also has a slew of studio blogs and other fun content they’ll be putting out, as well as another music video for the third single.

It’s a circus party with cotton candy! With Berlin folk-punk band Circus Rhapsody you can’t help but be amazed. Featuring a diverse musical sound that combines wild 50s rock’n’roll with ska and melodic punk, a juggling drummer, a climbing violinist, and lots of free cotton candy — the energy is unforgettable and the show is a true spectacle.

The band has recently signed with Californian label Mannequin Vanity Records. Together, they plan to release the new album Just Kidding in June of 2021. To promote the upcoming album, Circus Rhapsody will drop their new single “Revolution” in May.

Music and performance videos will support the release as well.

In 2019 Circus Rhapsody celebrated their 400th concert! Performances took place with Less Than Jake, Ignite, Wednesday 13, Nekromantix, The Kooks, Jaya the Cat, The Montreal, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Mutabor, and Turbostaat. Whether at a festival, a small club, or a large hall – the four friendly rockers put on their very own frenetic show in every possible location, giving it their all every show.

The band: Michi (bass) Mahaze (guitar) Erik (drums) KT (violin) The circus family: Lukas (muscles) Alla (cotton candy) Andreas (merchandise)

Press: Melanie Kaye PR | Melanie Kaye

Label: Mannequin Vanity Records |

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