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Dickie's untimely and recent passing shook not only those closest to him but also the punk world as whole, such was his influence and the positive impact that he had on the community. Whilst most of us are familiar with the majority of Dickie's works, his final pieces have not been announced/released, until now. Following the demise of Leatherface in 2013, Dickie Hammond and Graeme Philliskirk (also of Leatherface) joined Hugo Mudie, Fred Jaques and Julien Blais (all of Montreal, Canada's The Sainte Catherine's) to form Medictation. Medictation went on to record their debut LP "Warm Places", which was due to be announced early this year before the aforementioned events overtook. Now (following the blessings received from Dickie's mother and son) Medictation are able to announce their impending release and share Dickie's final works. We have teamed up with New Noise Magazine to being you the first listen of Medictation's track Memories of Youth (being the first track from the LP Warm Places). Go listen to it here. The album shall be released on 29 January 2016.


In 2008 Leatherface, landed on the shores of Canada to begin their Stormy Petrel World Tour. In support of this leg of the journey was Yesterday’s Ring, a rag tag of Montreal mongrel punks headed by the charismatic lead singer Hugo Mudie who, also happened to be front the man for The Sainte Catherines. The tour was both planned and executed by Leatherface’s bass beast Graeme Philliskirk, and Yesterday’s Rings’ lead vocalist Hugo Mudie, whose extensive knowledge of the Canadian punk rock circuit helped both bands step up a gear for memorable tour for all involved. The mutual affection and appreciation for each other’s music and DIY approach led to both parties, continuing together for the final leg of the American tour! This in turn led to the pair becoming firm friends and in one well oiled, inebriated night led to each other promising, that both should one day work together again. Following the fallout from the demise of both Leatherface and The Sainte Catherines in 2012 it wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that the pair re-established contact. Meanwhile Graeme also crossed path’s with ex-Leatherface guitarist Dickie Hammond and within minutes of catch up banter, both expressed an interest in playing music again. Somehow, some way, no matter what. Hugo, also included his old friend Fred Jaques, Guitarist and Drummer Julien Blais of The Sainte Catherines to complete the line up. Two generations of punk rockers from both sides of the atlantic come together for a monster and unique collaboration in the name of MEDICTATION, to offer their first recording, WARM PLACES…. Their crazy idea, becomes a reality!


  • Hugo Mudie (The Sainte Catherines, Miracles, Yesterdays Ring) - Vocals

  • Dickie Hammond (HDQ, Leatherface) - Guitar

  • Fred Jaques (The Sainte Catherines, Miracles, Yesterdays Ring) - Guitar

  • Graeme Philliskirk (Leatherafce, Bultaco/Rugrat) - Bass

  • Julien Blais (The Sainte Catherines, Miracles, The Stills, XLarge, Cœur de Pirate ) - Drums

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