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Luther Wright And The Wrongs Album Release Party!

Luther Wright And The Wrongs are proud to announce their new album 'Hearts and Lonely Hunters' and would like to invite you to their album release party on November 25th in the backroom at The Cameron House (408 Queen St W) . "Luther Wright and Hugh Christopher Brown reignited a decades long musical relationship on tour in the Yukon and Alaska. The pair had first met touring Canada while Wright was on the road with Weeping Tile; the critically acclaimed band he was in with Sarah Harmer. Their orbits would cross many times between New York City and the Canadian Highways and Brown is a regular feature on Luther's albums, including the cult classic 'Rebuild the Wall', hailed by audiences and Roger Waters alike. Now, with 6 albums of well-crafted original alt-country music under their belts, the upcoming album, 'Hearts and Lonely Hunters', takes Luther and the band in a slightly different direction in no small part due to the longstanding collaboration with producer Brown. Luther's country influence is very much in full effect, this time with lush string arrangements, keys and exquisite backing vocals by Sarah Harmer. His humor and wit are here matched equally with heartfelt crooning; his punk passion shining through as always. Hearts and Lonely Hunters also features appearances by the legendary Holmes Brothers and two of New York City's rhythm heavyweights, Tony Scherr and Anton Fier." /Sheena Turcott/The Lowdown. Luther Wright has been writing, recording and performing music for over 20 years. He started out in the Kingston based, garage/punk band The Mugworts with his brother Geordie and in 1994 joined the Canadian, pop-rock band, “Weeping Tile” (WEA/Atlantic). It was during the next 5 years of full-on touring and recording with that band that Luther, Weeping Tile drummer Cam Giroux and his roots compadres Sean Kelly and Dan Curtis formed the now-renowned, country/punkgrass road daemons, “Luther Wright & The Wrongs”. Known on one hand for their brilliantly executed, country/bluegrass reworking of Pink Floyd’s classic The Wall, Luther and the band have also recorded and released six albums of original music Hurtin’ For Certain (1997), Rogers Waltz (1999), the valentine gone awry, Guitar Pickin’ Martyrs (2003), Instrumentality(2005), Man of Your Dreams (2008) and now Hearts and Lonely Hunters. They have also made two cds of original children’s music under the guise of Butterfingers. Luther continues to collaborate with many Canadian and U.S. based musicians as well as perform with 'the Wrongs regularly. He has had his songs featured on Canadian television shows and independent feature films including Ron Mann's documentary on Woody Harrelson entitled, Go Further". Please RSVP for the special , intimate show at the Cameron House on November 25th (doors at 8 pm) as we have some surprises in store and want to make sure we have enough for everyone. For more information or to book and interview with Luther Wright please contact

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