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Kieran Strange On Tour!

Hailed as an artist to watch both online and off by media outlets worldwide, Kieran Strange is a quirky, dynamic young artist blending pop sensibilities, edgy guitars, and extremely high-energy live shows into her own personal brand of British pop-rock.

Hot on the heels of her debut EP Adamantine Heart, Kieran has played over 250 shows, events, and conventions across three continents in 2012-2014, touring as far as Japan and back to her home in England, as well as across Canada and all over the US. She has been commissioned to compose musical material for various geek and alternative lifestyle organizations, including the first ever transgender-focused television sitcom, The Switch.

Kieran released her sophomore EP, Last Hero Standing, produced by Ben Kaplan (You Me At Six, Biffy Clyro, Gallows, Ten Second Epic, and Jesse Cannon for mastering (credits: Animal Collective, The Misfits and The Menzingers), on May 5th 2015, with a well-attended release party at the historic Astoria Hotel in Vancouver, BC on May 7th 2015. The release was put out on Kieran's own label, Shameless Sound Records, and is being promoted to radio by Surprisingly Clever Management.

“I’ve always looked at music as a multi-dimensional form of media,” says Strange. “You don’t just listen to music – you see it, you feel it. I want to explore who I am as an artist and what I’m capable of, beyond just slamming some tracks out in a studio setting. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to be this perfect little cookie cutter artist that everyone seemed to want me to be, and I think the music and art I’ve been working on this year have really been centered around me coming out of that shell, letting down the walls, and just allowing myself to be naked without all of the armor and defenses. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with every aspect of who I am as a person, all the negatives as well as the positives, and I finally have the confidence to just wholeheartedly and unapologetically be ME.”

Link to the video " Tear Down The Wall" :

Link to the track "Best You Never Had" :


Tour Dates:

5/30/15 – New Westminster BC @ Northwest Fan Fest

6/4/15 – Dayton OH @ Canal Public House

6/5/15 – Columbus OH @ The House With No Name

6/6/15 – Sandusky OH @ Colassalcon *Special artist apperance w/ Tasty Peach Studios

6/7/15 – Sandusky OH @ Colassalcon *Special artist apperance w/ Tasty Peach Studios

6/8/15 – Chicago IL @ Jerry's

6/24/15 – Vancouver BC @ The 333

7/15/15 – Seattle WA @ El Corazon w/ the Doubleclicks and Professor Shyguy

7/16/15 - Portland OR @ Analog w/ the Doubleclicks and Professor Shyguy

7/21/15 – Topeka KS @ Boobie Trap Bar w/ Professor Shyguy

7/22/15 – Dayton OH @ South Park Tavern w/ Professor Shyguy

7/23/15 – Baltimore MD @ Otakon Matsuri

7/24/15 – Baltimore MD @ Otakon

7/25/15 – Baltimore MD @ Otakon

7/26/15 – Baltimore MD @ Otakon

7/27/15 – Charlotte NC @ Milestone w/ Professor Shyguy

7/28/15 – Atlanta GA @ Masquerade w/ Professor Shyguy

7/29/15 – Lafayette LA @ Wild Salmon w/ Professor Shyguy

7/31/15 – San Antonio TX @ San Japan

8/1/15 – San Antonio TX @ San Japan

8/2/15 – San Antonio TX @ San Japan

8/3/15 – Houston TX @ Super Happy Fun Land w/ Professor Shyguy

8/4/15 – Baton Rouge LA @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/5/15 – Pensacola FL @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/6/15 – Tallahassee FL @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/7/15 – Orlando FL @ Nerdfest

8/8/15 – Orlando FL @ Nerdfest

8/9/15 – Orlando FL @ Nerdfest

8/10/15 – Orlando FL @ Nerdfest

8/11/15 – Jacksonville FL @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/12/15 – Atlanta GA @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/13/15 - Memphis TN @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/14/15 – Oklahoma City OK @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/15/15 – Albuquerque NM @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/17/15 – Salt Lake City UT @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/18/15 – Boise ID @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/19/15 – Spokane OR @ TBA w/ Professor Shyguy

8/28/15 – Vancouver BC @ The 333

9/4/15 – Portland OR @ Kumoricon

9/5/15 – Portland OR @ Kumoricon

9/6/15 – Portland OR @ Kumoricon

9/7/15 – Portland OR @ Kumoricon

10/30/15 – Detroit MI @ Youmacon

10/31/15 – Detroit MI @ Youmacon

11/1/15 – Detroit MI @ Youmacon

For more information or to book an interview please contact : Melanie at

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