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toyGuitar are performing in Vancouver!

toyGuitar is built on the sunny vocals of Jack Dalrymple (whom you know and love from his long tenure in Swingin’ Utters), who dragged his Utters cohort Miles Peck into the mix. The two eventually recruited their sometime Re-Volts bandmate Paul Oxborrow (“In the grand and time-honored tradition of band incest,” cracks Paul). To accompany the fuzzy vox, bouncy bass, and jangly guitars, the boys looked south from their Bay Area environs and pulled in the driving drum beats of Los Angeles sticks maven Rosie Gonce. Together, the foursome collaborated to churn out the most blissed out, full throttle album of beachy sounds you’ll hear ’til spring.

When asked whether a summery, surfy vibe was the end goal, Oxborrow says, “I don’t think there was anything intentional, but I will say that we recorded the album in the middle of July, on vintage-y Fender equipment, and heavily under the influence of fish tacos, so maybe some of that rubbed off.”

Matching the carefree vibe of the music and the laid-back creative process the combo employ while writing together, the anonymous foot wheels on the cover of the album came to them serendipitously. “There’s this dude on Instagram I follow, Travis Jensen,” says Jack. “He takes these really great pics. I saw those skates and it just kinda clicked: subject matter, roller skate fun, and crack!”

If you would like to book in an interview with toyGuitar and if you want to be on the guest list for their show please let me know and I would be happy to make those both happen.

toyGuitar play in Vancouver at The Cobalt on June 20th . This show is not to be missed !

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