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Slim Cessna's Auto Club Announce Launch of New Record Label 'SCACUNINC' + Spring North A

After more than 20 riotous years of constant touring and album releases, one of the most celebrated and cult-approved ensembles in rock are preparing the latest chapter in their storied career. Slim Cessna's Auto Club are announcing the launch of their new record label, SCACUNINC, set to begin releasing new material, various collections, and reissues from their own band beginning this spring. In addition, the label will be boasting a catalog of new releases from SCAC off-shoots Denver Broncos UK, Munly & The Lupercalians and more, as well as brand new material from the Auto Club as soon as 2016. To kick off the band's year of festivities, Slim Cessna's Auto Club will be setting out on a spring tour of the US and Canada, taking them throughout the Midwest, along the East Coast, north of the border, and just about everywhere in between (full itinerary below). Slim Cessna's Auto Club 20-Year Anniversary North American Tour Dates: 5/13/2015 Spearfish SD The Legendary Back Porch 5/14/2015 Fargo ND Aquarium 5/15/2015 Minneapolis MN Indeed Brewing Company 5/16/2015 Chicago IL The Abbey 5/18/2015 Grand Rapids MI The Pyramid Scheme 5/19/2015 Cleveland OH Beachland Tavern 5/20/2015 Hamilton ON Casbah 5/21/2015 Toronto ON Horseshoe Tavern 5/22/2015 Ottawa ON Ritual 5/23/2015 Montreal Qc Divan Orange 5/24/2015 Québec QC L’Agitée - Bar-coop 5/25/2015 Burlington VT The Monkey House 5/26/2015 Boston MA Great Scott 5/27/2015 Providence RI Columbus Theater Club Venue 5/28/2015 New York NY Mercury Lounge 5/29/2015 Brooklyn NY Rough Trade 5/30/2015 Baltimore MD Metro Gallery 5/31/2015 Washington DC Hill Country Live DC 6/2/2015 Pittsburgh PA Club Cafe 6/3/2015 Cincinnati OH MOTR Pub 6/4/2015 St Louis MO Firebird 6/5/2015 Kansas City MO Riot Room 6/6/2015 Omaha NE Slowdown About Slim Cessna's Auto Club: There comes a moment in every Slim Cessna’s Auto Club show when you realize you’re seeing something you’ll never see anywhere else. It’s Slim Cessna in a white cowboy hat and beard, the lights haloing his ungainly frame, horn-rimmed glasses flashing through the smoke. He’s trading lyrics and insults with Munly Munly, gaunt and strange, dressed in a shade of black particular to preachers and burnt down barns. Their voices rise and converge in the kind of exquisite harmony usually found in Sacred Harp congregations, and then the band cuts loose, the best live band in the world, and the two men are doing battle, playing out some cathartic war between good and evil on stage. Or trading dance steps. You can’t tell. I said the best live band in the world, and I ain’t the only one. No Depression and Spin Magazine have said the same. This is a band that’s held its own onstage with everybody from Johnny Cash to the Dresden Dolls. But you listen to the recording of“That Fierce Cow is Common Sense in a Country Dress,” and it’ll take you just about four minutes before you realize you’re listening to the best band in the world, period. It’s Lord Dwight Pentacost leading the lunatic rapture on his Jesus and Mary double-necked guitar; Rebecca Vera playing pedal steel so sublimely that I swear to God you can see the ghost of Ralph Mooney circling the stage; and, holding down the rhythm section like they have with each other since seventh grade, The Peeler on drums and Danny Pants on the doghouse bass, driving the band, making you lose your damn mind. They’ve been making music for over twenty years, and there is, quite simply, nothing else like it. It’s gospel music, is what I’ve decided. Gospel music for a blasted world. A world straining and bursting in constant pain, but one that can’t help but overspill with joy – even knowing better. And the songs, Jesus. Songs about Colorado Indian hater John Chivington, alien abductions, patricide, a man born without a spine. This is the wild, bloody and weird America of Harry Crews, the only America worth a damn. It’s what Flannery O’Connor was trying to say when she wrote of dark romances and the grotesque. If you’ve got a heart, these songs’ll break it, and if you’ve got any laughter left in you, they’ll beat it out of you until you cry. I probably can’t improve on what Jello Biafra said about Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, that they’re “the country band that plays the bar at the end of the world.” But I like to think that as long as they’re around, they can still save us from that end. Or at least from what currently passes as country music. – Benjamin Whitmer, author of Pike and Cry Father, and co-author with Charlie Louvin of Satan is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers For more information, visit:

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