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NOFX was formed in L.A. back in 1983 and has released 10 studio full lengths, about 6 EPs, and a metric ton of 7”s. They’ve somehow managed to sell over 6 million records worldwide, which is an unprecedented feat for an independent band. They’re true pioneers of the genre as they’ve toured all but one continent—no Antarctica yet, sorry. No band has achieved more success independently, and no band has turned down major labels and MTV more often. Although they’re reluctant to admit it, they’re musically influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Misfits, RKL, etc. At least they were back in the day, now they do all the influencing. After years of working with mega-indie Epitaph, the band switched to Fat Mike’s own imprint. Thus began 2003’s War On Errorism, one of their most successful releases yet, and a record that catapulted the band into the mainstream of political press: Newsweek, CNN, NY Times, etc.


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The Mad Caddies

The Mad Caddies stand alone in their latest musical achievement. Combining elements of rock and roots reggae that evokes memories of the Clash, the Police and Sublime, the upcoming record Keep It Going takes the listener on a musical journey from lively Jamaican dancehalls to the underground DIY music venues of America. Keep It Going, the band's 5th full length record, hits streets May 1st, 2007 and will certainly prove to be the definitive record of the Mad Caddies' successful career. Grammy award winning producer, Wayne Jobson (No Doubt, Gregory Isaacs, Toots & The Maytals), was brought on to help produce the album, and reggae legend Duckie Simpson (Black Uhuru) joined the Mad Caddies to sing on a cover of Delroy Wilson's reggae classic "Riding For a Fall".


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The Hanson Brothers

​​It's a Living has been released on Southern Records in Sept 2008 The Hanson Brothers – Straight Outta Cold Lake Although the Hanson Brothers are commonly confused with their distant cousins Mssrs. Wright and Holliston from NoMeansNo, the famous family from Cold Lake, Alberta, have been busting teeth and spraying beer worldwide since 1984. Their albums have routinely shot straight to the top of the Cold Lake radio station’s charts and their mum has rumored to be quite proud of her kin.


The Hanson Brothers, fresh from the minimum security facility in Surrey, are ready to embark on a European and US tour in Fall 2008, with a Canadian tour to follow in 2009. This time, hopefully, they’ll actually be able to play some shows!


On their previous outings, the band hastily departed many venues after a disastrous incident with a cabbage, one ref, and a mysterious bag. They are no longer allowed in any French villas, although most criminal charges have been dropped.


The Hanson Brothers will be releasing their 110% live album, It’s a Living, this fall on Southern Records. If there were any doubts whether this band could deliver the goods away from the safe confines of a recording studio, It’s a Living will surely demonstrate their ability to deliver impossibly high standards in performance and the most hallowed of all musical traits, chops. The fine acoustics of Coaldale’s Motor Inn provide a natural ampitheater for the Brothers.


Here’s what critics are saying about It’s a Living:


“I’m still waiting for a promotional copy” – Ned Raggett,


“Tommy Hanson ruined three stage monitors, one directional microphone and two deli trays the last time he was in London. Why, I oughtta…” – Sean Forbes, NME and famous London promoter.


“I listened until I stopped!” – John Chedsey,


The brothers Hanson are Johnny (Vocals), Robbie (Bass), Tommy (Guitar) and their newly reunited twin (separated at birth) Mikey (drums). Cousin Ernie, the skinsman behind the thunderous rhythm on It’s a Living, has not been since since last seen chasing a bunny into the LaBrea Tar Pit region of sunny Los Angeles. - W. Buzz Ryan


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